Triton Trailers are known as the very best trailers around which is why Edge Performance has them for sale as your local Triton dealer.  Triton is considered the very best because not only are they all aluminum, but the quality and the plethora of options and trailer configurations seems like it is never ending. Snowmobile enthusiasts have long raved about Triton enclosed snowmobile trailers in both the TC and XT models.  If an open ATV trailer is more what you're looking for, Triton open trailers offer maintenance free, lightweight options that will get you where you need to go and back problem free.  We also sell Triton utility trailers for those who wish to have as much flexibility as possible for their trailer hauling requirements. 


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Triton aluminum enclosed trailers are manufactured with specific things in mind.

1) Longevity/Quality: Triton enclosed trailers will last a lifetime with proper care. Made of all aluminum construction is one thing but using quality engineering practices is what makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill aluminum cargo trailer and a Triton. On top of that, Triton incorporates things like top fit and finish, 4-core torsion axles, sealed LED lighting, marine grade plywood and many, many more things. 

2) Ease of use: When the Triton trailer engineers sit down to build an aluminum trailer, every care is taken to insure that real-world ease of use is built right in.  With a variety of door options, roof heights, moulded wiring harnesses, flush mount D-rings, bearing lube systems and much more, Triton trailers are going to last forever and be easy to use

3) Value: There is lots of competition in the world of both open and enclosed aluminum trailers.  Triton realizes this and makes sure that their customers are looked after. We realize that Triton is a premium product for those who want to standout and don't want to have to buy a new trailer every few years.  Triton trailers are top-shelf trailers that even when it comes time to sell them as a used trailer, resale value more than makes up for any initial cost outlays.

Plain and simple.  Triton is the best.  You probably already know that.  If you don't believe us, ask you buddies.  They all want one.