Edge Performance Centre Inc. brings you the very best of new Polaris snowmobiles. Today's Polaris rides better, lasts longer and handles any terrain better than any sled on the market. Try one for yourself. If you happen to be looking for a used snowmobile, you will be impressed with our quality, ready-for-snow used sleds.  Drop by and talk to our no-pressure sales team and get a deal that fits needs and your wants!


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Polaris Snowmobiles for sale:
Of course we have sleds for sale.  It's what we do!  We've been a Polaris dealer since 2001 and with that we have done nothing but sell more Polaris snowmobiles than almost any other dealer in Ontario.  Not only does Edge Performance have a tremendous reputation for a love of sledding and knowing exactly what you need in order to get the most out of our short sledding season, but with representing Polaris snowmobiles, we are offering the very best sleds on the market... just do the research.

Polaris offers dozens of snowmobile model configurations of their 6 core models: Indy (Value + Performance), Rush (High Performance + latest technology), Switchback (the original Crossover keeps getting better and more refined), Voyageur (Value + Off-Trail Performance + Utility) and the new Titan (Power + Utility + Trail - the EXTREME Crossover) and of course the RMK (mountain). 

Each Polaris sled is built with a specific user in mind yet many of the flexibility to be so much more than a single purpose sled.  Polaris offers the Adventure trim in the Titan, Indy and Switchback models to allow you to get on your sled on a Monday morning and not come home until.next week!  The XCR trim, which is all about maximizing race technology in a sled that is still trail worthy, is available in Polaris Rush and Polaris Switchback models.  The list of options is endless.

Edge Performance is centrally located just north of Newmarket, Ontario, so we are generally within driving distance to both you and the trails you ride.  If you can't drop in, give us a call and let us walk through what we have available for either a new Polaris snowmobile OR our extensive inventory of used snowmobiles for sale