2018 Polaris Titan snowmobile

The 2018 Polaris Titan snowmobile is here and it's for sale at Edge Performance! The Titan is not simply another sled to the seemingly crowded Crossover sled segment.  It is an EXTREME Crossover like no other on the market. 

Riders shouldn't be forced to choose a sled based on their needs.  The Titan allows for rider choice.  Available in SP, XC and Adventure models, your needs are going to be well taken care of, as well as all of your wants as a rider who wishes to enjoy playtime to the max!

Work Time:

  • 20" wide track
  • 155" track length
  • 1.375" and 1.8" lug height Cobra track (depending on model)
  • High/Low ALPHA transmission
  • 1200lbs towing capability
  • Lock & Ride storage platform system
  • Cargo accessories
  • Power Boosting Regulator (PBR)
  • Gripper skis
  • Integrated 1500lbs winch available
  • 14 gallon fuel tank
  • Extreme front bumper

Play Time:

  • 800cc High Output Cleanfire engine
  • Rider-Balanced AXYS chassis
  • Articulated Rear Suspension
  • Extreme Cooling System (Radiator & Brake system)
  • Polaris Interactive Display & Message Cener
  • extended wind protection
  • V-Force reeds, lightweight crank, electronically controlled exhaust valves
  • PowderTrac running boards
  • FOX QS3 Clicker Shocks
  • Heated Seats (model dependent)
  • 2-Up seating
  • Electric Start

Check out the rider reviews for the new Polaris Titan snowmobile below.  Everyone of them makes the point that this new sled for Polaris, that is on for sale here at Edge Performance, can offer a rider everything that they want and need.  It has the power to enjoy riding the trails with your buddies or with your wife/kids as a second passenger.  It also has all of the qualities needed in order to make it a work sled.  Gone are the days where you have to make sacrifices.

The new TITAN rules all.
Give us a call to dive deeper into all of the specifics of this new sled as there is simply not enough space here to list everything and provide a detailed explanation.  Besides... we'd rather talk sleds with someone who loves the sport as much as we do!

Don't forget to ask if there are any Polaris Snowmobile promotions available to help fit it into your budget.  Speaking of budget, Edge Performance will arrange financing for you as well so that you can get out there ASAP!!

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