2018 Polaris Snowmobiles

The 2018 Polaris snowmobile line-up at Edge Performance is a example of just how advanced, comfortable and exhilarating total terrain domination can be.  Once again Polaris brings industry leading technology that represent superior agility, lightweight handling and of course, first place at the end of Kevlar lake!  Because we all like to brag about being the best. 

Polaris has something for everyone from the budget conscious, to the performance oriented to the luxury trailer cruiser.  Each and every need a snowmobiler would ever have will be satisfied by the line-up of 2018 Polaris sleds through the proliferation of amenities such as the latest engine tech, comfort accessories and functional items such as Polaris' Ride Command


Each Polaris model focuses on a specific rider requirement & need.  Within each model there are a wide range of trim levels that can help narrow-in on a rider's specific needs.  For example, the XCR designation makes sure that you have maximum durability along with race-ready performance.  A Pro-S ensures that you are riding a sled with the ultimate ride and handling, while an Adventure is a versatile, do-it all sled for all your touring needs. 

Indy (Performance)
Providing everything from the kids 120cc Indy to the Indy 550 LXT to the well-appointed yet, may be the best performance value on the snow, 600 Indy SP, Polaris' Indy line-up offers something for most trail riders.  The following models are available in a variety of engine sizes...

Indy SP

Rush (Trail Performance):
The unique, technologically advanced Rush platform provides the very best in handling and control.  The Rush platform with its AXYS chassis was built as a new idea to move the rear suspension outside of the track.  Traditional rear snowmobile suspensions are limited simply because they have to work within the dimensions of the track. By moving it outside of the track, the laws of physics don't limit the quality of handling and ride - especially if it the going gets tough. Of course both the 600 and 800cc engines are available in most of the following models...


Switchback (On & Off Trail):
Polaris brought the Switchback model to market a long time ago - WAY before people classified sleds as 'crossovers'.  In 2018, Polaris' Switchback has all of the latest technology to ensure that the rider who loves to ride the trails as well as add to the adventure by venturing off trail.  Fortunately, the Switchback allows a rider to thoroughly enjoy both to the max. Being such a versatile sled, the 2018 Polaris Switchback is available in more models than any other Polaris sled:


Voyageur (Recreational Utility):
For those riders who wish to retain as much value as possible in their snowmobile but in a platform that is based in the Off-Trail Utility world, but still more than capable to enjoy a trail ride to and from the fun areas.  The days of simply bolting on a rear carrier to a long-track sled are gone.  Polaris' new 2018 Voyageur brings all of the utility that someone checking trap-lines or hauling gear into remote locations and is available in three different versions:

600 Voyageur 144
550 Voyageur 155
550 Voyageur 144

Titan (Extreme Crossover):
For decades there has been a performance gap between the aforementioned Switchback and the king of the mountain, RMK.  Polaris has officially closed that gap with the all new 2018 Polaris Titan.  The Titan is an EXTREME Crossover.  It's capabilities are almost limitless.  It brings all of the high-tech needed to be an industry leader along with the adaptability to make any situation more fun.  The Titan offers three choices to the rider that has specific, crossover needs to maximum their fun-level.  Of course they just all happen to be motivated by Polaris' 800 Cleanfire H.O. engine.

Titan SP
Titan XC
Titan Adventure

RMK (Mountain):
We have purposely left the RMK off of the visuals displayed above because, well, look were you live.  Do you see any mountains around Edge Performance in Bradford?  No.  If you believe that you truly are in need of a mountain sled, give us a call. 

Available until April 17, 2018

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